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Covid 19 Policy

Based on the most recent CDC information, cyclist are safe to ride within a group provided all have been vaccinated. We strongly recommend if you wish to attend a CCBC ride, you should be vaccinated. We will not be requiring vaccination certificates from members at our gatherings. If you have not been vaccinated please consider doing so and in the meantime, please wear a mask to protect yourselves and others. It will always be the responsibility of the individual CCBC member to evaluate their own risk and their willingness to participate in a CCBC event. CCBC while attempting to be aware of the issues cannot assure CCBC members a completely safe and secure environment.
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Mission Statement
The Coastal Cruisers Bicycle Club schedules recreational bike rides of various distances and speeds, three to four times a week. The club promotes safe, responsible cycling for sport and works towards the education and awareness of the public regarding cyclists.