Title: Huge Thank You!
Date Posted: March 28
Description: Dear Fellow Coastal Cruisers, families and friends,

I am sure you saw how surprised and honored I was that you all remembered my 31st anniversary of my 39th Birthday! Never have I experienced such a memorable Milestone Birthday Bash! Your singing was outstanding! Never to be forgotten and forever in my heart and soul! There is nothing more good-natured than my peers helping me to celebrate while enjoying our yearly Sunset Social. Thank you for your kindness and well wishes.

I cannot forget to thank all that helped Pat OHearn make this evening special for me. I should have known that my ½ inch taller friend, Sally, was up to something when she called to find out if we were coming. And, then there is all the planning to bring the very delicious cake (delivered by none other than Eddie), the helium birthday balloons, the gorgeous roses, the delicious chocolate kisses, the pinwheel and the many birthday cards.

And, finally and probably just as important I want to thank all of you for your many smiles, your hugs, your well wishes that you have given me since my life changed last July. Knowing that most of you would attend our scheduled rides gave me focus and energy to keep on biking albeit a little slower. Thanks for your patience, when I just could not keep up and allowing me to feel like I am beating the odds. Most of all thank you for your prayers.


Catalina (Cat)

Contact Name: Catalina Ritton